Moving to Tax Free

Moving to Tax-Free is your roadmap to a tax-free retirement.


  • The available options to save on taxes when you retire and potentially live income tax-free from federal and state taxes—including your Social Security benefits!
  • Proactive strategies to shield your savings from future tax hikes.
  • The effective sources of tax-free income including the Roth IRA and the Roth 401(k), the life insurance retirement plan (LIRP), the health savings account, the 529 plan to Roth IRA rollover, and the reverse mortgage line of credit.
  • How to navigate “uncontrollable” financial potholes affecting your savings and the adjustments to make to stay in control of your affairs.
  • Vital, must-ask questions for your tax professional and financial advisors to ensure they are aligned with your move to a tax-free retirement.

    Move intentionally to a tax-free plan for your retirement. This isn’t just theory; it’s a practical road map filled with tactics built to help you work toward the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. Secure your financial future with Moving to Tax-Free.

    “Where do you think tax rates are headed in the future? If you’re like me, you know they are headed higher. After all, it’s just math. Well Eagle Scout Bruce Hosler is going to show you EXACTLY what to do to keep more of your hard earned money. Learn simple techniques to reduce the #1 expense most seniors have – TAXES! Moving to Tax Free is a book you will want to share with your entire family.”

    – Tom Hegna  Author, Speaker, Economist, and TV Host

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    Hosted by industry legend Tom Hegna, Spotlight Digital Network, a National Television Show on Fox Business, interviewed Bruce Hosler about his new book, “Moving To Tax-Free.”

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    Moving to Tax-Free


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