"Have I saved enough to retire?"


"Will I be able to leave a legacy for my family?"


"Do we have enough to last our lifetime?"

Those planning for retirement may be missing a foundational question to retirement planning success; “Will I be paying higher tax rates on my future retirement income?”

The question isn’t “if” we will face higher future tax rates but “when”? It is almost inevitable that tax rates will be higher in the future. Understanding that tax rates will likely be much higher in the future can help you improve your chances of success in retirement.

Bruce Hosler


Seven-time consecutive Best-In-State Wealth advisor in Arizona brings a new approach to moving to a tax-free retirement. Based on Bruce’s decades of experience in wealth management and tax planning, this definitive guide is a strategic plan for how you and your family can pay less taxes over your lifetime. Using sound intentional tax strategies, you can start to build a tax-reduction plan that can help you move to tax-free income in retirement.

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